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"HR Avatar helped us create and deliver mission-critical customer service role-plays to 3,000 globally distributed tech reps, contributing to a record year for our company!"
-  Brendan Keegan, CEO, Worldwide TechServices Corporation

"We integrated HR Avatar's media objects into our selection system to offer leading edge, engaging alternatives to our customers ."
-  Brian Frost, VP, Corvirtus Corporation

About Us

HR Avatar provides software and services for creating intelligent media that can be deployed to any smart device.

Our core product is a video platform that uniquely provides intelligence and logic so that users can, without any specialized skills, combine media assets into robust intelligent media objects (IMO’s). This makes it easy for marketers, trainers, and other communicators to create highly engaging media objects without having to do any programming.

HR Avatar media objects can be deployed on websites, within an LMS (yes we’re 508/AICC/SCORM compliant), on a PC, within a PowerPoint presentation, on a CD, on a smart-device, and more.

HR Avatar also provides services to help customers create effective media objects including consultation, creative design, instructional design, technical integration, complete professional video studio production services and ongoing support.

HR Avatar interactive videos include website and game-like features such as branching, state-variables, logic, forms and overlays to simulate an interactive, human experience. The interactive videos can be deployed on a website, in an LMS, as part of a PowerPoint presentation, or on a CD.

HR Avatar is a brand of HR Avatar, Inc. We are a privately held corporation based in Oakton, VA. For more information about the company, please visit us at https://www.hravatar.com/ta/help/about-us.xhtml.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make it easier for anyone, without programming, to easily create intelligent media that can be deployed anywhere and achieve extraordinary results.

We believe that media is more effective when the message is more interactive because it provides the opportunity to gather and react to the viewer.

As pioneers in the media creation and deployment industry, we are committed to providing robust capabilities that make it easy to combine video and image assets with logic in highly engaging applications.

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