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"HR Avatar's interactive technology should enable us to provide practice role-plays that reinforce key interviewing concepts for our selection officials."
-  David Hamill, Director, Organizational Assessment Services, Transportation Security Administration

"HR Avatar helped us create and deliver mission-critical customer service role-plays to 3,000 globally distributed tech reps, contributing to a record year for our company!"
-  Brendan Keegan, CEO, Worldwide TechServices Corporation

Brand It
Highly flexible for branding your portal the way you want it.
Combine Objects
Create courses on the go from your collection of objects. Add/Remove objects instantly at any time.
Manage Users
Control access and monitor user activity, completion, and scores.
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Custom Look/Feel
Create the look and feel you want to give your learners.
Unlimited Objects
Add as many objects to each portal as you need. Create as many portals as you need.
Access Control
Allow free and open access or restrict to authorized users. Require user registration if needed.
Progress Indicators
Show users which objects they have completed or started, to help them complete the full sequence or course.
Fully integrated help screens guide users through the learning process.
Comprehensive Analytics
Fully integrated with the HR Avatar online reporting system, so you have all activity, score, and other usage data at your fingertips 24x7!
The HR Avatar Hosted Portal is available to users of HR Avatar Professional for $1,100 per portal per year.
Got a couple of courses you want to implement and roll out to your learners? Create a HR Avatar Hosted Portal for each course and send the link(s) for each learner. Then monitor completion using the HR Avatar reporting system.
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