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"The HR Avatar team was great! They helped us appreciate the many applications of intelligent media in human capital."
-  Suzanne Tsacoumis, Vice President, Workforce and Educational Assessment, HumRRO

"HR Avatar helped us uncover and address the needs of each individual site visitor."
-  Sophie Shiatis, VP Ecommerce, PR Web

  • Flash/HTML5 Deployment
  • State Variables
  • Collaboration
  • Intelligent Branching
  • No Programming!
Hundreds of features.
Intelligent branching.
Supports most environments.
Website, LMS, CD, PC, PPT.
SCORM, AICC, 508 Ready
Collect viewer data. Test and analyze. Optimize performance.
Navigation Menus
give viewers control and extend engagement time and retention.
to docs and URLs deliver more detailed information without exiting the video.
One-click deployment
to a website, PC, CD, or LMS to reach your mobile audience.
capture leads, registrations and other valuable data right in the video.
Text and Images
allow you to easily modify your video without using a video editor.
Video Analytics
tell you who, what, when, how-long, and more.
Combine Media
files of any type in one complex object.
Intelligent Branching
uses viewer interaction data to change the experience.
A/B Testing
within live media objects, combined with reports help you optimize.
HR Avatar Professional Edition is licensed on an annual basis. The base license package costs $15,000 per year and provides access for five users to create unlimited objects and to deploy them in any mode available, including SCORM and HTML5 for up to 50,000 view events, and enables all collaboration features. Additional user logons cost $2,000 each per year, and additional view events cost $110 for every 10,000 view events. Premium user support and training is $2,000 per year.

Create Marketing Videos That Ask Questions Then Target The Message Based On The Answers.

Create Training Simulations And Role Plays That Adjust To The Student's Pattern Of Interactions.

Communicate Important Company Messages With Accountability Tracking.

Create Employer-Branding Videos That Interact With Your Target Candidates.

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