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"The HR Avatar platform provides an amazing capability to build smart media that produces results."
-  Ken Cuccinelli Sr., CEO Quest Fore

"Our client was thrilled! HR Avatar helped us to meet an aggressive timeline, creating a highly engaging object and loading it into an LMS in just a few weeks. More than 22,000 government employees successfully completed the training the following month."
-  Federal Learning Technologies, SRA Corporation

HR Avatar Professional Edition
HR Avatar Professional
Provides the ultimate capability for authoring, deploying, and monitoring both simple and highly complex intelligent media objects. Includes multi-user collaboration, state variables, text-matching, unlimited branches, visual flowchart, HTML5 deployment, and many other features.
HR Avatar Hosted Portal
HR Avatar Hosted Portal
Allows you to package a group of objects together and offer them via a totally customized web portal. Ideal for implementing a course or learning program, you can customize the look and feel of the portal, the specific objects in it, and the degree of access provided to your learners or viewers. You can allow anyone to access the portal, or require registration for access, or only allow access to a pre-designated group of users.
HR Avatar Multimedia Production
HR Avatar Multimedia Production
These days, your viewers, applicants, and employees not only like to see multimedia embedded in your communications and learning objects, they expect it. Animated segments for simulations, roleplays, and explanatory objects are a must have. HR Avatar makes it easy to obtain the multimedia segment(s) you need, efficiently, and at a reasonable cost.

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