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"The HR Avatar team was great! They helped us appreciate the many applications of intelligent media in human capital."
-  Suzanne Tsacoumis, Vice President, Workforce and Educational Assessment, HumRRO

"HR Avatar's interactive technology should enable us to provide practice role-plays that reinforce key interviewing concepts for our selection officials."
-  David Hamill, Director, Organizational Assessment Services, Transportation Security Administration

HR Avatar Professional Services

As a pioneer of Intelligent-Media, HR Avatar leads the industry in applying expertise to create Intelligent Media that delivers business impact. We have the capabilities, processes, tools, and talent to create effective, engaging, intelligent media experiences.

We are easy to work with and we are happy to augment your team for any part of the process, or the entire process, depending on your needs. Our services include:

Learning and Human Capital Marketing and Communications Multimedia Creation

Instructional Design

Content Development


LMS Integration




Job Previews

CEO Presentations

Concept Creation


Script Writing

Creative Design

Video Production

Graphic Editing

Technical Integration


Brand Integration

Interactive Surveys

Purchase Modules

Animation Example


2D or 3D; Lip Synching; Custom or Stock Characters; Full Motion, Stop Motion, Static

Video Production

In Studio; On Location; Professional Actors; Complete Editing

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Learn how organizations are using video and interactive media to build brand and boost sales.
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Training Simulations Training Simulations Whitepaper
Learn how intelligent media tools are making it easier to create more robust training role-plays and simulations.
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