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"I love the fact that our intro video engages visitors and adapts to what each person cares about."
-  Ben Trowbridge, CEO, Alsbridge Inc.

"HR Avatar is so incredibly easy to use. We saved thousands in programming costs alone!"
-  Frank Deluca, Senior Vice President, Quest Fore Inc.

Why Choose Us?
  • We Use Intelligent Branching:
    Our platform allows for intelligent branching. This means that a video could present a question to the viewer and then based on their answer, and any other available data, the player decides what to show the viewer next. As a result, the video presentation can adapt its message to the viewer. Marketers use this to market one-to-one and trainers use it to create simulations.  more ideas
  • You Can Deploy HR Avatar Media Objects Anywhere:
    The world is mobile and smart devices may actually surpass personal computers one day. But the standards for rich-media objects are unsettled, creating risk for those who want to use this powerful medium to reach a mobile audience. So, we remove the risk with a platform that allows you to deploy to virtually any smart device with just a click.  more ideas
  • You Can Learn From Your Audience:
    Our platform contains very useful back-end reports that allow you to understand your audience's interests. Our platform includes the ability to conduct multiple a/b tests and make adjustments on the fly, reducing testing cycle time and eliminating the need for IT in the testing process.  more ideas
  • It's Easy - No Programming:
    Have you ever tried to learn Flash? (It's not light-reading.) With HR Avatar you can create rich interactive objects that include back-end reporting, are easily modified, and easy to set up –all without any programming! This means you get your project done faster, with less hassle, and less expense.  more ideas
  • Highly Cost Effective:
    HR Avatar is very affordable and can fit almost any budget. Combine that with the impact you get from intelligent media, and you can get a strong return.  more ideas

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