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Making Training More Cognitively Effective
Oftentimes, traditional lecture-based courses are not able to recreate the environments workers face day-to-day, resulting in a less-than-adequate training experience. Media such as video, audio and images help instructors show learners certain situations, but the mediums remain passive. In Making Training More Cognitively Effective: Making Videos Interactive, Tom Cherrett, Gary Wills, Joe Price, Sarah Maynard and Itiel Dror explore a different approach to videos for training: interactive videos. Read more.

The Cognitive Benefits of Interactive Video
Media, such as photos, audio explanations and video, is becoming increasingly common and valuable as a learning resource. In The Cognitive Benefits of Interactive Videos: Learning to Tie Nautical Knots, Stephan Schwann and Roland Riempp reveal that media is more than just a mediated presentation of information. Media, and even moreso, interactive media, helps improve the learning process. Read more.

Evaluating B2B Websites' Effectiveness
As more and more primary research is conducted online, having an effective website is vital to a B2B company's continued success. Goutam Chakraborty, Vishal Lala and David Warren's An Empirical Investigation of Antecedents of B2B Websites' Effectiveness explains that informativeness, organization, transaction-related interactivity, and personalization are significant predictors of success for B2B websites. Read more.

Building Brand Equity
Building high brand equity has been an elusive goal for fine marketing minds, in part, because it seems like an abstract concept. Chris Pullig helps explain brand equity in What is Brand Equity and What Does the Branding Concept Mean to You? One approach to improving brand equity is through corporate societal marketing. Read more.

BJ Fogg's Behavior Model for Persuasive Design
A persuasive corporate video is a video that inspires a prospect or client to act in a way that benefits the video owners. Whether through buying the product presented in the video, feeling positive about the company presented in the video, or sharing the video with others, the persuasive video succeeds in accomplishing pre-determined goals. To create a persuasive video, it is important to have an understanding of human behavior. BJ Fogg's A Behavior Model for Persuasive Design provides a new approach for understanding human behavior. The Fogg Behavior Model revolves around three factors: motivation, sufficient ability, and triggers. Read more.

Evaluating the Effective CEO Spokesperson
Companies have struggled for decades trying to pick the appropriate spokesperson for their brand. With the rise of the internet and prevalence of online video, there are more channels than ever before for spokespeople to gain visibility. Many businesses explore the option of the CEO as their spokesperson, perhaps following Steve Jobs' lead. However, as R. Eric Reidenbach and Robert E. Pitts point out in Not All CEOs Are Created Equal as Advertising Spokespersons: Evaluating the Effective CEO Spokesperson a CEO may not be the ideal spokesperson. Read more.

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