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Evaluating B2B Websites' Effectiveness
Journal of Interactive Marketing

As more and more primary research is conducted online, having an effective website is vital to a B2B company's continued success.

Goutam Chakraborty, Vishal Lala and David Warren's An Empirical Investigation of Antecedents of B2B Websites' Effectiveness explains that informativeness, organization, transaction-related interactivity, and personalization are signficant predictors of success for B2B websites.

The researchers surveyed 540 business customers of a B2B company. These customers shared their opinions on the industry websites, and Chakraborty, Lala, and Warren compared these findings to eight factors often used to measure B2C website effectiveness.

While most B2B websites have streamlined how they present information and organization, there seems to remain a deficiency in the ability of B2B websites to personalize their websites and demonstrate interactivity. Personalization involves tailoring messages to individual visitors. "In general, personalization helps screen out unwanted information or product options, reduces user effort by eliminating the need to provide personal information or preferences, improves the accuracy of searches, and speeds up the completion of transactions.(53)"

Interactivity involves machine-mediated communication, dialogue, and interactive decision aids. "In general, interactivity frees customers from their traditional passive roles as receivers of marketing communication, gives them greater control over the information search and acquisition process, and allows them to be active participants in the marketing process (Hoffman & Novak 1996). This leads to a more satisfying Website experience, which in turn increases the effectiveness of Websites (Novak, Hoffman, & Yung, 2000). (55)"

These explanations of personalization and interactivity underscore the importance of leveraging interactive video for B2B websites. Interactive video, through its ability to branch and respond to viewer clicks and needs, provides users the personalization they have come to expect from established websites. The ability to click in video transforms an entertaining, formerly passive medium, into a personalized, interactive medium. Interactive video allows B2B websites to simulate one-to-one marketing for every site visitor.

To learn more about increasing B2B website effectiveness, read An Empirical Investigation of Antecedents of B2B Websites' Effectiveness.
To learn more about how to leverage interactive video to build brand equity, contact HR Avatar at info@hravatar.com.

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