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Making Training More Effective Quickly
While resources for training leaders and those responsible for client education have come a long way, time and cost remain a barrier for most organizations to establishing comprehensive training. Additionally, off-the-shelf programs are rarely able to reflect a company's identity. For the most part, training consists of a 40 page PDF that outlines corporate policies and values. Perhaps employees are sent to a one to three day in-person training session to learn about the company. Then, the training is done, and the learners are sent into the world to become the faces of the organization. With rapid development in online technology over the past few years, creating custom content and distributing content is easier than ever. More specifically, creating custom role-plays that provide learners the opportunity to apply skills and practice relevant material is easier than ever.Today, it is possible to create virtual role play exercises: exercises that can be accessed and completed online. These exercises help learners apply the principles they are taught in the manuals, classroom sessions and through other training collateral in an engaging, effective manner. Read more.

3 Mistakes Companies Make with Online Video
We hear it all the time: "Online video is exploding." And it's true, viewers streamed over 11 billion videos in January 2010 . Most of these videos were for entertainment, such as television shows and sports streams. However, consumers want video on business sites as well. In fact, simply having relevant video available for viewing on a company website, regardless of whether or not viewers choose to watch it, can increase conversion rate over 40%. Such positive results from video tell us that marketing leaders will continue to invest in video, and we are going to see even more online video over these next few years. And because I spend a lot of time reviewing corporate online videos and observing their rhetorical implications, I often see the same mistakes made over and over again. In the spirit of sharing information and improving online video for all, here are the top 3 mistakes companies make with online video today. Read more.

Effective Product Demos for the Smart Product Manager
The live demo is the most ideal demo format. Unfortunately, not all early-stage clients have 30 minutes to an hour to listen to your sales leader share the glory that is your winning product. Additionally, comScore's Digital Media report reveals that reviewing online media continues to be the first step in the purchase process, so it is more important than ever to present buyers with an online product demo. Online demos present their own challenges, of course. Oftentimes it's hard to tell whether the person viewing the demo is an expert or a novice, deeply interested or just passing by, newly informed about your product or still confused. Creating a demo that appeals to all of these buyers, informs all visitors, and compels them to choose your product is why effective product managers make the big bucks. Read more.

Show Buyers Something Meaningful
Think about how you browse most websites. Maybe you read some text, maybe you click on a link, if you see a video icon, you watch the video, like 86 percent of the U.S. online population does,then you click on a new link, oops, you accidentally clicked on an ad, you look for the close button, now you navigate to another site, maybe you log into Facebook or Twitter or some other social networking site, much like 4 out of 5 internet users. As a browser, you are receiving a lot of information, and the more information available, the harder it is to remember anything. As a marketing leader, you're faced with an even more daunting task: creating meaningful content that compels browsers to become buyers. Read more.

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