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HR Avatar Launches Advanced Interactive Video Platform

Advanced interactive video technology without programming hassle.

Vienna, VA (HR Avatar) February 3, 2009 -- HR Avatar, leading provider of advanced interactive video technology, launched the HR Avatar advanced interactive platform that makes it possible for marketing and training leaders to create interactive video with intelligent branching, without any programming.

Advanced interactive video adapts to user clicks and other responses. While conventional online video delivers all viewers the same message, advanced interactive video uses buttons, forms, and back-end, intelligent-branching to deliver a unique and tailored message for each viewer by uncovering needs and presenting relevant information based on the viewer's selections. Previously, this level of interactivity could only be achieved through a team of developers and technology experts. ClicFlic's platform simplifies the process. People who would like to create an advanced interactive video simply enter their script, upload the videos, and deploy.

Companies that deploy advanced interactive video are able to:

  • Deliver unique experiences by presenting videos that adapt to user clicks;
  • Increase sales through the delivery of relevant content based on visitor needs;
  • Grow visitor engagement to rates over 300% to build brand;
  • Integrate their video marketing with their lead generation process;
  • Capture valuable information about their visitors needs to improve and tailor messaging.

"Video is the most engaging format available, and interactive video is the next step," said HR Avatar CEO, Mike Russiello. "We are excited about all of the applications of advanced interactive video for improving businesses."

Applications of advanced interactive video include product demonstrations, customer testimonials, and training. Businesses currently leverage video to educate customers and demonstrate to site visitors that they are focused on the customer experience. Interactive video makes these existing videos more effective by adding pervasive calls-to-action within the videos: inserting the buttons and forms into the video help ensure that people purchase, contact, register, or ask to learn more.

Along with easy-to-use authoring and deploying capabilities, the platform includes extensive reporting that allows administrators to collect information, capture leads, and optimize their video. Owners can track who viewed the videos, how long videos were viewed, which segments viewers were most interested in, and other information that helps marketers and trainers reach their audience.

Additional information and examples of applications of advanced interactive video can be accessed through the HR Avatar IMO authoring website at imo.hravatar.com.

About HR Avatar
HR Avatar, Inc. provides an advanced interactive video platform featuring a unique intelligent-branching technology that marketers use to create videos that interact with viewers to uncover needs and deliver a targeted message in a true one-to-one marketing experience. Additional corporate information, case studies and demonstrations, can be found on http://imo.hravatar.com.

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EVP HR Avatar
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