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Multimedia Production  - 

Meet the Avatars

HR Avatar provides services to produce audio, video, and animations - at a price, schedule, and quality level that meets your needs.

We have significant experience creating media segments, either for your intelligent media objects, or as standalone videos or podcasts. Our team of audio/visual and animation professionals will work with you to produce the segment(s) you need.

  • Animation
  • 2D or 3D
  • Custom or Stock Characters/Props
  • Lip Synching
  • Desired range of motions
  • Staff of Professional Animators
  • Video Production
  • In Studio or On Location
  • Professional Actors
  • Experienced Videographers
  • Broadcast Quality
  • Green Screen / Chroma Keying
  • Professional Makeup, Teleprompting

If you need some help creating media quickly, efficiently, and/or inexpensively, please Contact Us. We will be in touch to listen to your needs and produce a quotation that meets your requirements.

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